Community Infrastructure

Policy MC1: Community Facilities

A. The provision of new community and leisure facilities, or the enhancement of existing facilities (identified on Figure 5.5 and listed in Appendix 5.6), will be supported where it is demonstrated that:
1. the siting, scale and design respects the character of the surrounding area, including any historic and natural assets; and
2. there will not be significant adverse impact on residential amenity, and there will be no additional on-street parking.
B. Development proposals, including changes of use that will result in loss of all or part of a community facility identified at Appendix 5.6 and shown on Figure 5.5 will be resisted unless it can be demonstrated that the existing use is no longer economically viable or equivalent or better provision of the facility to be lost will be available in an equally or more accessible location.
If the existing use is no longer economically viable, evidence should be provided to show that the site has been actively marketed, at the market rate current at the time, for at least 12 months and that no sale or let has been achieved during that period.

Policy MC2: Healthy Communities

Proposals for more than 100 dwellings that would result in the capacity of General Practices and Dental Practices within the Neighbourhood Plan area being exceeded must, subject to viability considerations, contribute to the provision of additional capacity.
Proposals for new large-scale development (in respect of residential and mixed-use sites of more than 25 dwellings; employment sites of more than 5 hectares; or retail developments of more than 500 square metres) will be supported where they deliver positive health and well-being benefits in respect of the following principles:
1. Sustainable development
2. Urban form - design and the public realm
3. Housing and employment
4. Age-friendly environments for the elderly and those living with dementia
5. Community facilities
6. Green infrastructure and play spaces/recreation
7. Air quality, noise, light and water management
8. Active travel
9. Encouraging healthier food choices