Policy MC1: Community Infrastructure


A.        Development proposals for new or expanded community and recreation facilities will be supported provided that:


1.         The siting, scale and design respects the character of the surrounding area, including any historic and natural assets;


2.         It is accessible to the community it is to serve;


3.         The impact on the residential amenity is acceptable; and


4.         There is no adverse impact on traffic generation, and adequate parking is provided on the site.


B.        The development or change of use of important and valued facilities for the local community, such as those registered (but not exclusively) as an Asset of Community Value, will be resisted unless it can be demonstrated that the continued use of the premises or site for community use is no longer commercially viable and that the site or premises have been actively marketed for at least 12 months for that or any other suitable community use or equivalent or better provision of the facility to be lost is made in an equally or more accessible location.




Policy MC2: Healthy Communities


Proposals for new residential development of 10 or more dwellings should either demonstrate that there is sufficient capacity within General Practice and Dental services within the catchment area of the Neighbourhood Plan Area or make an appropriate contribution through a section 106 deed or by Community Infrastructure Levy payment to address any identifiable and increased need.




Proposals for new major development should demonstrate how it provides opportunities to improve health and wellbeing for the future occupiers of the development through measures such as provision of open space, green infrastructure and landscaping, being accessible by non-car modes of travel and design that facilitate social interaction and provide safe and secure environments.