Green Infrastructure

Policy MG1: Local Green Space

The following areas (identified on the Key Diagram, Figure 5.1, and on Figures 5.1.1 to 5.1.7) are designated as Local Green Space where development will be ruled out other than in very special circumstances:
• Malvern Vale Community Centre playing fields, Swinyard Road;
• Lower Howsell Road playing fields, Lower Howsell Road;
• Victoria Park, Pickersleigh Avenue;
• Dukes Meadow, Pickersleigh Road;
• Hayslan Fields, Hayslan Road;
• Priory Park, Priory Road; and
• Rose Bank Gardens, Wells Road.

Policy MG2: Neighbourhood Open Space

Proposals for development on Neighbourhood Open Space (NOS) sites as identified at Appendix 5.3 and shown on the Key Diagram and at Figure 5.2 will be supported provided the following criteria are met:
1a) It can be demonstrated by the applicant, through an objective assessment, that any net loss of open space is surplus to requirements; or
1b) The recreational function of the site is retained on site or provided off-site and is of an equivalent or better provision in terms of quantity and quality and is in an equivalent or better location for users of the existing site;
2a) Improvements are made to the visual amenity and/or nature conservation value of any retained area of NOS following the development, or
2b) In cases where the whole NOS is to be developed improvements to visual amenity and nature conservation should be made to a nearby NOS site which provides a benefit to the character of the local area that may be achieved through a legal agreement; and
3) They do not diminish the connectivity of the local network of Green Infrastructure.

Policy MG3: Woodland, Trees and Hedgerows

Developments which involve the loss of woodlands, aged or veteran trees or mature and biodiversity rich hedgerows will not be supported unless the need for, and the benefits of, the development in that location clearly outweigh the loss. In these cases compensatory measures must be put in place.
Appropriate arboricultural surveys must be provided to assess the value of the existing trees and hedgerows and the impact of the proposals on them. Trees and hedgerows not to be retained as a result of the development are to be replaced on the site, or if this is not possible, elsewhere, as close as possible to the site, unless it can be demonstrated off-site provision is not deliverable.