Policy MHE1: Non-Designated Heritage Assets


Proposals requiring consent which affect a non-designated heritage asset (including a building or structure on the Local Heritage List [following adoption by Malvern Hills District Council]) must demonstrate how they protect or enhance the heritage asset.




The renovation or alteration of a non-designated heritage asset (building or structure) should be designed sensitively, and with careful regard to the heritage asset’s historical and architectural interest and setting.




Where a proposal would result in harm to the significance of an asset the extent of the harm and the significance of the asset should be balanced against the benefits of the proposal.

  Policy MHE2: Heritage Areas

Areas, beyond the NPA’s Conservation Areas, which reflect and retain particular development periods in the evolution of Malvern, are identified as Neighbourhood Heritage Areas (NHA) at Figure 6.5.  Proposals for development or change of use in an NHA must demonstrate how they recognise its special local architectural and historic interest and make a positive contribution to its local character and distinctiveness.