Housing Land

Policy MH1: Housing Mix

To be supported all new housing development proposals over 5 units, subject to viability considerations must demonstrate that they provide a range of types, sizes and tenures of housing to meet local housing need. Within the NPA there is a particular need for:
• Affordable housing (particularly 1 bedroom social rented flats and affordable sheltered units)
• 1-2 bedroom starter homes
• Two, three and four bedroom family homes
• Specialist housing for the elderly
Applicants should take account of the requirements of the most up-to-date local Housing Needs Assessment and/or Strategic Housing Market Assessment or provide their own assessment of how their proposals meet local housing needs.

Policy MH2: New Residential Development within the Development Boundary

New infill housing development, and conversion, re-use or extension of an existing building for residential use, will be supported within the development boundary (defined on the Key Diagram) provided it does not harm land that is of high environmental value, and does not significantly harm the amenity of adjacent residents and occupiers.

Policy MH3: New Residential Development beyond the Development Boundary

Housing development beyond the development boundary identified on the Key Diagram in the open countryside will be considered favourably if it is:
1. A dwelling clearly necessary for use by rural workers including persons employed in agriculture, horticulture, forestry or a rural enterprise; or
2. Affordable housing on an exception site to meet identified local need; or
3. A replacement of an existing dwelling with established use rights and where the replacement dwelling is not disproportionately larger than the existing dwelling and does not exceed the original footprint by 30%; or
4. Representing the optimum viable use of a heritage asset or it would enable the future of a heritage asset to be secured; and
5. Of exceptional quality or innovative nature.
Extensions to existing dwellings will be supported providing that they are subordinate to, and do not dominate the character and appearance of the original dwelling.
The subdivision of an existing residential dwelling will be supported providing that the development does not result in additional on-road car parking and does not have an adversely harmful impact on the area’s visual amenity and landscape character.
The conversion and re-use of redundant or disused buildings will be supported providing there is an enhancement to the building’s immediate setting and there is no need for substantial reconstruction and large extensions.