Policy MH1: Housing Mix


All new housing development proposals over 5 units should provide a range of types, sizes and tenures of housing.  As and when proposals are submitted, an assessment of how the proposals meet local housing need, including for low-cost market housing, affordable social housing and specialist housing for the elderly within the NPA, must be provided in the form of a Local Housing Provision Statement.




The proposed mix of housing will be assessed on a site by site basis.  This assessment will take into account SWDP Policy 14 and the most up to date local Housing Needs Assessment and/or strategic Housing Market Assessment.




Policy MH2: New Residential Development


New residential development within the development boundary of Malvern needs to accord with other relevant policies of the MNP and the SWDP and meet, where relevant, all of the following criteria:


1.         It is in a sustainable location and has good, or can improve access to, public transport and other local amenities;


2.         It is a mix of tenure and size that meets identified need;


3.         It is appropriate in scale and design to its local context and adjacent properties;


4.         It can be adequately serviced by the existing infrastructure and utilities network and/or the capacity can be increased to accommodate the development;


5.         It provides adequate vehicular and non-vehicular access arrangements; and


6.         It makes provision for sustainable design features.


Proposals for further new residential development beyond the existing development boundary of Malvern will be resisted unless it can be demonstrated that the proposal meets the requirements of national and local planning policy in relation to housing in the countryside.




Policy MH3: Infill Development Restraint


In the Infill Development Restraint Zones, planning permission will be refused for development of residential gardens or land within the curtilage of previously developed land that has, through time, blended into the landscape.  An exception to this may be where the proposed development enables and secures the long-term future of a heritage asset with limited impact on the character of this area.