The Plan


The Story So Far………



On 6 May 2014 we resolved to produce a Neighbourhood Plan and have carried out a number of engagement and consultation exercises with local residents:




·             3 November 2014 – public meeting at Dyson Perrins Academy


·             9 April 2015 – Neighbourhood Planning Open Day event at the Abbey Hotel


·             June 2015 – Tour of Malvern’s neighbourhoods (Local Issues Week)


·             September – October 2015 – Questionnaire to all households in the Neighbourhood Plan Area (NPA)


·             July 2017 – Neighbourhood Plan Policy Review event at the Lyttelton Rooms 




In October 2015, we engaged Peter Hamilton (NP Consultant) of Cass Associates to professionally progress Malvern’s NP.  Following Peter’s advice and instruction, we set up a number of Working Groups, with volunteers from the local community, to look at a number of issues within nine key themes including: 




·             Business and Employment


·             Local and Neighbourhood Centres


·             Travel and Transport


·             Visitor Economy


·             Design


·             Heritage (non-designated heritage assets)


·             Green Spaces


·             Nature Conservation (local conservation assets)


·             Youth Provision





As well as the work undertaken by the Working Groups above, we have used a number of sources as evidence- base to support the Neighbourhood Plan including:




·             The SWDP and its evidence base (where relevant to the NPA)


·             Evidence Base Report by Cass Associates July 2016 (Updated March 2017)


·             Housing Needs Assessment for Malvern Town Council by AECOM (Feb 2016)


·             Heritage Character Assessment for Malvern Town Council by AECOM Protected/notable species and designated sites information by Worcestershire Biological Records Centre (December 2016)




In July 2017 MTC requested a joint Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening Opinion of the draft NP from MHDC.




Following consultation with Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency, MHDC concluded that the draft NP did not require either an SEA or an HRA Appropriate Assessment.



A Sustainability Statement has been produced to demonstrate how the MNP contributes towards achieving sustainable  development.