The Vision

The Vision

Our vision is that Malvern continues to be a vibrant, prosperous, safe and accessible Town where new development and its occupiers are fully integrated into the fabric and communities of the Town. The Hills, the Commons, green spaces and countryside, some of which are designated as an AONB and SSSI, are protected, enhanced and increased through the provision of a network of accessible high quality green infrastructure.

It is our vision that the NPA will have a diverse range of services and facilities centred on Great Malvern, Malvern Link and Barnards Green, Malvern Retail Park and the neighbourhood retail parades. The main retail centres will have improved public realm, wayfinding and car parking making them a more pleasant and attractive place to work, visit and shop.

Our vision is for an expansion of high quality employment premises, based around the technology, electronics, digital and research & development sectors, with development at Malvern Science Park, Malvern Technology Centre (QinetiQ) and North East Malvern providing increased jobs and economic growth for the local community. Spring Lane Industrial Estate will continue to provide a variety of industrial and commercial uses and will have improved public realm including pavements, landscaping, fencing, cycle lanes, off-street car parking and bus routes. There will also be a broadening of the Area’s tourism assets which will provide further jobs and economic growth for the local economy.

The future development and growth of the Town will be managed through the appropriate improvements to infrastructure, services and utilities within the context of the Area’s sensitive setting where the landscape, heritage, nature conservation and green infrastructure will be retained, enhanced and celebrated by the town’s communities.

By aspiring to fulfil the above vision the Neighbourhood Plan will play an important role in ensuring that Malvern provides an outstanding quality of environment for its current and future residents, workers and visitors.

The Objectives

To achieve this Vision the Town Council has identified twelve objectives for the MTNP. These objectives have emanated from the spatial issues raised through public engagement and evidence base gathering. Policies within the MTNP have been developed to ensure that the objectives and vision can be realised.

1. Protect and enhance the existing character of Malvern’s historic spa town and its countryside setting adjacent to the Hills and Commons and ensure that new development enhances this character and is fully integrated into the fabric and infrastructure of the Area.

2. Protect and enhance the Area’s green infrastructure, landscape and nature conservation assets including its Hills, its Commons, its countryside and network of greenspaces within the urban area and ensure that new development protects and enriches the Area’s visual amenity, key views and vistas, natural environment and landscape character.

3. Protect and enrich the Area’s heritage assets and historic environment and ensure new development sustains and enhances the significance of designated and non-designated heritage assets within the Area’s existing townscape and landscape.

4. Support and encourage a diverse range of education, health, leisure, recreation and social facilities to meet the everyday needs of the expanded community and protect, where possible, these facilities where there is a demonstrated need.

5. Sustain and improve the vitality, health, wellbeing and safety for all in the community through the provision and protection of appropriate facilities such as greenspace, cycle and pedestrian routes and health facilities.

6. Strengthen and support the Area’s tourism assets and associated infrastructure to increase the visitor numbers to the NPA and provide opportunities for additional local businesses and employment.

7. Ensure the wider integration, co-ordination and connectivity of the existing transport infrastructure including improvements to the road and rail services to and from the Area; improvements to bus provision; measures to reduce traffic congestion; promotion of cycling and the protection and enhancement of parking provision in the area and in particular within the NPA’s retail centres.

8. Improvements in the existing infrastructure and utilities ensuring that new development does not exacerbate existing problems and, where appropriate, contributes towards improving the existing network.

9. Support and encourage a range of modern, sustainable and high quality industrial and business premises which provide opportunities for economic development and employment and create attractive and accessible environments.

10. Support and encourage a diverse range of retail and other associated town centre uses to meet the everyday needs of the Town’s expanded community and enhance the public realm and environments of the key centres to create vibrant retail, social and cultural hubs for the Area.

11. Support and encourage new housing of high quality and sustainable design that responds to local character adding to the overall quality of the Area and meets local housing need for both market and social sectors at an affordable price.

12. Support and encourage sustainable development and reduce carbon-dependent activities.